Awangarda Polish Lowland Sheepdogs
About Us
The Journey.
Awangarda PONs is a love story
It was love at first sight.  I could not have imagined that the journey I began would be a life-changing spiritual experience. 

I was an empty nester who had also lost my beloved partner.  How could Iknow when I picked up a Dog Fancy magazine, and turned to the page with the ad for a PON, that my life would change forever? 

We have moved to rural Minnesota, 45 minutes north of the Twin Cities withdreams of getting sheep for the next part of our journey. 
Awangarda PONs strives for excellence in all aspects of our breeding process.  I have chosen to import dogs specifically with the goal of bringing new strengths into Awangarda lines. 

I hold  Awangarda PONs to the highest standards in all aspects of breeding.  My dogs are tested for rcd4 PRA (late-onset blindness) and breeding is made to eliminate the potential for producing dogs affected by this disease.  All testing results are published on the OFA database.

Awangarda PONs is proud to be a member of North Star Herding Group Club and Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club.